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Last Updated: 22/10/2021

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Derek Roebuck

Derek Roebuck

HOLO Books is grieved to announce that Derek died on 27 April 2020. Because his publisher partner, Susanna Hoe, is also his widow, she does not feel able to have his details on this website changed to the past tense. Derek and his work were so admired that friends and colleagues contributed to Lawyer, Scholar, Teacher and Activist: A Liber Amicorum in Honour of Derek Roebuck edited by Neil Kaplan and Robert Morgan published by HOLO Books on 27 April 2021. This, and Derek's other titles, can be ordered in the usual way, particularly from this website.

Susanna plans to maintain HOLO Books and will continue to write and publish. This includes the book Derek was unable to finish - More Disputes and Differences - which will be published under his name, edited by Susanna, on 5 November 2022. It can be ordered in advance from the Arbitration Press here. The name of advanced purchasers will, if wished, be added to 'Subscribers' at the front of the book.

The two colleagues who were joint authors with Derek of English Arbitration and Mediation in the Long Eighteenth Century, Francis Calvert Boorman and Rhiannon Markless, are already working on the 19th century.

DEREK ROEBUCK is a lawyer who has taught and practised law in England, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong.

He is now a Senior Associate Research Fellow at the University of London's Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

He has written and edited over fifty books on law, legal history and language, including the 7 volume Peking University Press series of bilingual texts on Hong Kong contract, criminal law and procedure.

After ten years as editor, he is now editor emeritus of Arbitration, the journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. In recent years his research on the history of dispute resolution has produced:

  • A Miscellany of Disputes (2000)
  • Ancient Greek Arbitration (2001)
  • The Charitable Arbitrator: How to Mediate and Arbitrate in Louis XIV's France (2002)
  • Roman Arbitration (2004)
  • Early English Arbitration (2008)
  • Disputes and Differences: Comparisons in Law Language and History (2010)
  • Mediation and Arbitration in the Middle Ages: England 1154-1558 (2013)
  • The Golden Age of Arbitration: Dispute Resolution Under Elizabeth I (2015)
  • Arbitration in Seventeenth-Century England (January 2017)
  • Women in Disputes: A History of European Women in Arbitration and Mediation (with Susanna Hoe, May 2018)
  • English Arbitration and Mediation in Long Eighteenth Century (with Francis Boorman and Rhiannon Markless, November 2019).
  • More Disputes and Differences (awaiting publication)

All the above are published by HOLO Books.

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