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Welcome to the HOLO Books website.

HOLO Books was set up on 5th November 1999 by the wife and husband team Susanna Hoe and Derek Roebuck - established writers in their fields.

HOLO Books two imprints - The Women's History Press and The Arbitration Press - reflect the founders' determination to publish scholarly books accessible to the general reader which may not appear commercial to mainstream publishers.

HOLO Books' Publications 2024

The Isle of Wight: Women, History, Books and Places (Susanna Hoe; Publication Date 18 July 2024).
Arbitration and Mediation in Nineteenth Century England (Francis Calvert Boorman and Rhiannon Markless; Publication Date 9 May 2024).

HOLO Books' Publications 2022/2023

More Disputes and Differences: Essays on the History of Arbitration and its Continuing Relevance (Derek Roebuck edited by Susanna Hoe; Publication Date 5 November 2022).
Sardinia: Women, History, Books and Places (Susanna Hoe; Publication Date 17 March 2022). This is 5th in the series 'Of Islands and Women'.

HOLO Books' Publications 2020/2021

Lawyer, Scholar, Teacher and Activist: A Liber Amicorum in Honour of Derek Roebuck (edited by Neil Kaplan and Robert Morgan; 27 April 2021).

HOLO Books' Publications 2019/2020

English Arbitration and Mediation in the Long Eighteenth Century (Derek Roebuck, Francis Boorman and Rhiannon Markless, November 2019).

HOLO Books' Publications 2017/2018

Arbitration and Mediation in Seventeenth Century England (Derek Roebuck, 22 January 2017). This is the 8th in the history of Arbitration and Mediation.
Women in Disputes: A History of European Women in Mediation and Arbitration (Susanna Hoe and Derek Roebuck, May 2018).

HOLO Books' Publications 2015/2016

Malta: Women, History, Books and Places (Susanna Hoe). This is fourth in the series 'Of Islands and Women'. Also available on Kindle (ISBN 978-0-9572153-6-8) and an e-Book (ISBN 978-0-9572153-7-5)
The Golden Age of Arbitration: Dispute Resolution Under Elizabeth I (Derek Roebuck). This is 7th in the history of mediation and arbitration.

HOLO Books' Publications 2012/2013

Travels in Tandem: The Writing of Women and Men Who Travelled Together (Susanna Hoe, 26 April 2012), available also on Kindle through Amazon  (ISBN 9780954405687) and as an e-book (ISBN 9780954405649).

Mediation and Arbitration in the Middle Ages: England 1154-1558 (Derek Roebuck, 22 January 2013)

 At Home in Paradise: A House and Garden in Papua New Guinea (Susanna Hoe, 2003, Kindle 2012 ISBN 9780954405656) celebrates the 30th of our arrival in Papua New Guinea in June 1982. The Kindle edition of a sequel, More at Home in Paradise: Domestic Dramas in Papua New Guinea, is in preparation. 

In 2010 we celebrated our 10th anniversary of publication with Disputes and Differences: Comparisons in Law Language and History (Derek Roebuck, January); and Tasmania: Women, History, Books and Places (Susanna Hoe, September)

HOLO Books is likely to remain very small to take account of the partners' writing commitments.

The Women's History Press is inspired by Virginia Woolf's haunting image of 'those unlit corridors of history where the figures of generations of women are so dimly, so fitfully lit.'

The Arbitration Press' primary concern is to provide historical and comparative insights into how disputes are resolved.

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