Curriculum Vitae


Susanna Hoe


1945, Southampton, England



Marital Status:

Married to Derek Roebuck (1981)







Thomson's Falls School Kenya



Limuru Girls School, Kenya



Institut Bleu Leman, Switzerland



University for Foreigners, Perugia , Italy (6 months)



London School of Economics (LSE); 2 years of BSc Econ. in Russian Government, History and Language



University of Papua New Guinea , BA, majoring in Economic and Pacific History (11 As); UPNG Pacific History prize 1984; Te Tangi Hiroa Pacific History Prize 1984, Pacific Universities



RSA TEFL certificate, British Council, Hong Kong






Research assistant, House of Commons, London (for an individual Member of Parliament and all-Party group of MPs)



Administrative assistant, group of Peers, House of Lords.



Freelance writer, Help the Aged and the Scott Bader Commonwealth (see publications)



Campaign Coordinator, British Section, Amnesty International



Weekly column, The Times of Papua New Guinea - 'International Bookshelf'



Part time tutor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Papua New Guinea



Monthly column, 'Women', Liverpool Daily Post and Echo - 'Letter from Hong Kong '



Research Associate, then Honorary Research Fellow, Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong



Founder Member AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research)



TEFL teacher, Women's Centre, Hong Kong



Articles for Women's Feature Service, New Delhi



(Oct-Nov) Lectures 'Women Travellers' (with Deborah Manley) Oxford University Continuing Education (Rewley House)


(Sept) 'Some Globetrotters in Ceylon', National Portrait Gallery, London , 'Women Travellers Study Day' 



Guest at Shanghai International Literary Festival and The Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival



Published (Fiction)

·         Lady in the Chamber (a political novel about the House of Commons) (Collins 1971)

·         God Save the Tsar (a historical novel about the escape of the Russian imperial family from Ekaterinburg) (Michael Joseph/St Martin's Press 1978)


·         The Man Who Gave His Company Away: A Biography of Ernest Bader, Founder of the Scott Bader Commonwealth (Heinemann 1978)

·         The Private Life of Old Hong Kong: Western Women in the British Colony 1841-1941 (Oxford University Press 1991)

·         Chinese Footprints: Exploring Women's History in China , Hong Kong and Macau (Roundhouse Publications Asia 1996)

·         Stories for Eva: A Reader for Chinese Women Learning English (Hong Kong Language Fund 1997)

·         The Taking of Hong Kong: Charles and Clara Elliot in China Waters (Curzon Press 1999 / Hong Kong University Press 2009)

·         Women at the Siege, Peking 1900 (HOLO Books 2000)

·         At Home in Paradise: A House and Garden in Papua New Guinea (HOLO Books 2003)

·         Madeira: Women, History, Books and Places (HOLO Books 2004)

·         Crete: Women, History, Books and Places (HOLO Books 2005)

·         Watching the Flag Come Down: An Englishwoman in Hong Kong 1987-1997 (HOLO Books 2007)

·         Tasmania: Women, History, Books and Places (HOLO Books 2010)

·         Travels in Tandem: The Writing of Women and Men Who Travelled Together (HOLO Books 2012)

·         Malta: Women, History, Books and Places (HOLO Books 2015)

Articles, Papers, Chapters

·         'The Human Face of Capitalism: The Relationship Between Business and Voluntary Organisations' for Help the Aged 1974

·         Pamphlets for Amnesty International 1977-1982

·         'White Women in the Colonies: Were They Responsible for Setting Up Racial Barriers?' Bikmaus , Port Moresby , 1984

·         'Queen's Women: Western Prostitutes in Hong Kong 1841-1931' International Association of Historians of Asia 1991

·         'Poor Mary Ann and the Robbers' in Chronicles Abroad, Hong Kong eds J & K Miller, Chronicle Books, San Francisco 1994

·         Research papers for AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) (1991-1997)

·         'After Reading Xiao Hong: The Experience and Expression of Xiao Hong and Agnes Smedley' 1st international symposium, Women and Literature, Peking University , June 1995

·         Entries in Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Qing Period 1644-1911, ed. Clara Wing-chung Ho, M.E. Sharpe 1998

·         'Silence of the Sources: Women and the Siege of the Legations 1900', Conference Workshop '1900: The Boxers, China and the World', SOAS, London, 23 June 2001

·         'It Made Their Blood Boil: The British Feminist Campaign Against Licensed Prostitution in Hong Kong, 1931' in Gendering Hong Kong eds Anita Kit-wa Chan & Wong Wai-ling (Hong Kong Culture and Society Programme) Oxford University Press 2004